Product Name: Odontogain System

Product function

Contrast of Magnetic multi purpose dental scaler and Traditional Piezoelectric products
1. Function
1) Ultrasonic root canal preparing and disinfecting
2) Ultrasonic scaling of subgingival curettage, treating severe periodontal disease
3) Root planning, polishing, & surfacing
4) Rapid extraction of broken needle and foreign matters from the root canal
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5) Ultrasonic painless soft tooth cleaning
Contrast: soft magnetic ultrasonic transducing frenquency 42000HZ, little
vibration(0.02mm-0.09mm) of the working tip during the clinical usage, little damage to
the tooth surface , no pain during scaling process, softly & comfortablely, piezoelectric
transducer with low frequency(below 30000HZ), large vibration(0.8mm-1.2mm) of
working tip, clinical usage: serious scratches to the tooth surface, even causing invisible
cracks and pain during treatment, sometimes, patients feel too much pain to bear .
2. Good stability and reliability
sometimes patients feel no pain , that’s because it requires very high operating skills.
The working tip mustn’t touch the tooth surface, just for touching the dental plaque,
otherwise it scratches the tooth surface. It’s not convenient for the subgingival.
Therefore, you couldn’t achieve the treatment effects, easy to cause first damage.
Frequency of soft magnetic ferrite ultrasonic energy transducer is accurate and stable(frequency error is
2%), temperature of handle is low. Good compatibility, working heard can be replaced easily,
Characteristics isn’t changed after autoclave sterilizing. Difficult to damage. Long life span. Hand control
Contrast: Frequency of piezoelectric ceramic energy transducer is not accurate(frequency error is 10%),
bad compatibility, unstable. Overlaying piezoelectric components inside handle can result in high
temperature during operation. Plastic handle crust and seal will be out of shape after high temperature
autoclave, vapour seeping, power will be weaken even damaged, short lift span. Because of the high
3. Slight vibrating
The working head tip of soft magnetic ultrasonic energy transducer is vibrating slightly, teeth scaling and
curettage in a soft polishing way, can relieve the patients’ pain utmost. Reduce the hurting area(second
damage). Painless treatment.
Contrast: Piezoelectric energy transducer is seesaw movement with great vibration, gouge the surface of
teeth, scratch the surface, patients feel great ache.
4. The advantage of ultrasonic root canal treatment
The most feature of the soft magnet ferrite ultrasonic energy transducer, is to make the working head and
main engine at the same vibration system, so can easily transfer the ultrasonic frequency to the little root
canal tips, and the tiny vibration is easy to be controlled, therefore, it can make the ultrasonic root canal
working head and root canal tips which can be replaced easily, to satisfy the clinical usage. The working
head (round or oval shape) is perfect, it is safe and unable to break in the root canal, that’s because the file
can be bend at the back, which can protect it well. The working head and ultrasonic tip is linked at 90
degree, which assure the back tooth root canal treatment is workable.
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