Product Name: Apex Locator

Part MODEL:KS-A1006
Product function


1. Two kinds of different frequency signals enable precise measurement results. Irrespective of dry or bleeding purulence in the root canal

2. Precise measurement results. Although it’s filled with NaCLO2, Physiological Saline, H2O2, Water, etc.

3. Fluent operation at all kinds of teeth, size of root tip and thickness


1. Root file holder alternatively electrode could be sterilized by autoclave. It is safe and clean.

Battery power is indicated on high resolution LCD screen. The device will automatically turn off after 20 minutes when not in use.

3 kinds of soft alarm sounds to choose from plus adjustment of volume or without voice. It is convenience to change mode.

To make position of root canal file the same as indicator bar, adopts large LCD colour screen display with exact visualization. Set Shining position of root tip arbitrarily to length sign during operation.

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