Product Name: LED Digital Display Charging Style Curing Light

Product function

1.      Adopt high power LED light, high light intensity and long service life.

2.      Use cold-light source, less heat and can be use in a constant long time.

3.      Adopt aluminum alloy housing, aesthetic and well thermal discharge.

4.      Optional operating modea. highlight; b. gradient glow; c. pulse.

5.      Digital display and chargeable.

6.      Battery Low Indicator.

7.      Sleep function. It will auto sleep action when not implemented over 1min. Push the any key of panel to back to normal.

8.     Auto memory store. This item can auto store the function and time when the power shut down.

Technical data:

1. Power supply:                   AC100~240V   50/60Hz

2. Battery:                         3.6V   2200mAh

3. Spectral character:               Spectral range is 440~480

4. Power:                          5W

5. Light intensity:                   More than 1500mW/cm2
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